Connecting the dot’s

Still in process. At this moment in time it’s like a patchwork. It doesn’t follow linear thinking. But writing it down creates some order.

I realize it’s important. So I sit up in bed reporting my experience trying to work this morning with my selenite stone in the shape of a heart, after a mild yoga session, easing the migraine I woke up with.

What happens here, also links to autism and why it is there; it has to do with the information we ingested from the environment. Now if I look at all of this from the place of the observer, like we learn in yoga, I’m safe. It safes me from being carried away by random thoughts. What happens when I put the selenite on the sore spots on my forehead, is that the high frequency of the stone loosens the information that is stored in the tissues in the head.

What is that about. I become aware of the energy my father had to deal with, trying to manage life and finances. Lot’s of worry and concern. I inherited that way of thinking and feeling pattern. I see myself do it. I also adapted to the way my mother reacted to her environment, I see that very clear now, how that works for her in the caring home she is in at present time. Her feeling body contracts, in reaction to her environment. Doesn’t want all these influences. Fair enough. But that also shuts one down from all the rest of it. Numbed out. The state most people are in once they are adults.

My parents way to have a holiday from all they had to deal with in life, was just to have a gin. But we know of the side effects. Now, that darker density of all of that, want’s to be released from the tissues. Ofcourse there’s more to it. It has many facets. We have to watch our diet too, but the atmosphere around us and the impressions are also food. We breathe it in.

What’s behind this and where the selenite helps me to gravitate to, is the further dimensions, behind the 3d density. The aspects of my multi dimensional self. I see glimpses of a finer, wider reality behind the thought loops that keep me imprisoned in my own inadequate mind. That wider outlook wants to help me, cure me. Ease me. It really is ok. The density that was stored in the tissues wants lo leave, so that healthy nourishment, healthy energy can come in it’s place.

The danger here probably is, is that it becomes ungrounded. Indeed it still is a willy nilly patchwork. An inadequate effort to connect the dot’s. An autistic tendency to escape that dense 3d influence. We grew up in that, it’s energy signature flew through our energy system. It became our day to day reality. We started to think it was us. But the times we live in beckon us to go further. To anchor in 5d. We’re not quite there yet, but the new born kids will simply repel the 3d frequency. My generation though has to do some work still and realign. To what? To that reality we grasp like I did here this morning, working with my selenite heart. And by the way, don’t underestimate the company of a purring cat. She settled down next to me, easing the pain as well. I rest my head against her soft fur. Cat’s are great healers.

In the reader ‘The hoax of the mind’ written by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, I red the other day:

“I was thinking of the Sufi symbol; the heart is a circle of which the top and the bottom has been subjected to the gravity pull of the Earth, and the wings are the redeeming uplift which balances that gravity pull. That which balances that gravity pull is detachment and independence.”

I see glimpses of a thinking and feeling space that is just finer, has a finer frequency. It seems to have portals to various consciousnesses, like vortexes that take you there. It wants to be known, explored. So we can download the information and apply it. Sufi way of saying would be: Try to go into the consciousness of a master, saint or prophet. Choose some from the whole spectrum of them that match the qualities you need at present time. As empaths we know how even thinking for a second of a person, it’s like you become that person. You feel the quality they represent. Now, what would it be like to become like Lao Zu. For example. Or Buddha. Zoroaster, Christ, Kuan Yin, Mary, Mohammed. The list goes on. Be curious for it. That’s the adage indeed for our day and age; to be curious for it. But stay grounded. Breathing in our heart does that. And feel the ground we sit, stand or lay on. And oserve the observer. Light upon light.

The beautifull thing is, I do start to feel better, sharing this, giving my contribution for the collective. It moves the chi. Flow.

Light, bliss and ecstasy

‘Ecstasy and bliss are allowed to be experieced fully’.

This is what was being said in a trainers manual on Sufi dancing.

Why can’t we feel, bliss, ectasy? Beause once we do, we experience the reaction of the environmen to it. It’s ‘not done’. It’s “not done’ to be in a natural state of bliss, ecstasy. Why is that so?

And so we need alcohol. Or drugs. That’s why Samuel Lewis came up with Sufi dancing for the hippies in the US, during those hippy days. To get them off the drugs and create an opportunity to experience ecstacy and bliss. By dancing while chanting mantra’s. Be elevated. Feel light, bliss, ecstasy.

Sufi dancing being one of the many means to feel bliss. Being in nature is another, very simple way.

‘The most precious jewel that you can ever offer anybody is ecstasy’, said Hazrat Inayat Khan. It is a powerfull emotion being stirred in the depth, releasing all the energy of the soul. It’s also the cure when one finds oneself in a state of ‘Kemal’. That is a feeling of almost depression, stagnancy,

Ofcourse one cannot be in a state of ecstasy all day. At some point one has to go back to the daily routine, function in one’s job.

Behind ecstasy there’s a state of peace, deep peace.

Wishing you much love, light, ecstasy and bliss


Drawing I made in the app ‘Paper’

Violet cathedral hologram

In the half-sleep I became aware of a sort of violet cathedral-shaped hologram that was placed over my head. The information that came with it was that this is a hologram that transmutes deformed energy into health. So a healing template. Temple … template .. words that actually are close together. I begin to understand something from what kind of blueprint cathedrals are actually designed.

Where does this information come from? I think from inner guidance. I had looked at this Youtube:

Maybe it had something to do with it. Information given from a high level of attunement, which is not only destined for a selected group of people. Every person has full right to have access to mystical experiences. It is just what you want to focus on. Also mentioned in this video.

Healing modalities as a tool

We’re talking here about stuff like working with crystals, reiki, tarot, angels and angelcards, yoga practice, sacred geometry – the list goes on. Because there’s a buzz going on on the internet about an A to Z list of New Age practices to avoid, which that well known angel specialist Doreen Virtue published lately and which produced a storm of reactions on Youtube by people working with the healing modalities. This triggered a discussion, which is a good thing in itself, and I’m trying to bring a contribution to that discussion.

Healing modalities are tools to get in touch with the deeper side of life. To get healed, to find peace, balance, clarity, mastery over situations, develop compassion, insight, promote creativity and zest for life, for example. We ourselves need to develop the discernment that something works for us, that is, do we benefit from it or not. This differs for everyone and at various stages of our life. What works for us today may be different in a later period. Thus we navigate through life, grow, evolve.

Healing modalities are there, not to identify with as the thing itself, as the ultimate goal, but as a means to get there. Where? To our own soul and the way we evolve to higher and higher levels, with more and more of our talents and gifts on line, in order to be that, to express that, to work with and to bring it into the field of Gaia (=earth). To promote balance, peace, wellbeing, love, health, justice and any other beautiful quality on earth. For humanity as a species that is. Or just for ourselves to begin with and that is great too. That is already a big contribution. Our society needs balanced people, healthy people, joyous people, compassionate people, creative people, intelligent 🤓 people.

So when I say healing modalities, not as the ultimate goal but as a means, then maybe that A to Z list by Doreen Virtue is meant as that. I hope so, because using terminology like ‘they are the tools of the devil’ throws us back into an old, old groove. The type of thinking that led to the witch hunts in the Middle Ages. I guess we are talking about an attempt here to evolve higher and leave behind old belief systems, that keep us stuck in an old groove. Modern vocabulary would be ‘the collapsing of old timelines’, meaning the old grooves disappear, which is great, space for the new to emerge. To me that says it very well. The collapsing of old timelines.

Perhaps one could say the Doreen Virtue issue works like a homeopathic remedy, because now a lot of light workers who use the healing modalities raise their voice to correct some of the misjudgments, if you like. And that is an old issue which went on for ages……the clashing of Paganism and Christianity.

Paganism and Christianity don’t have to bite each other. They can go very well together, hand in hand. I’ve seen a nice blend of it in a Youtube video – – a woman working with crystals in a relaxation, attuning the chakra’s with them, using white sage to clear the energy and saying a little Christian prayer 🙏. No problem there.

Much love everyone

The mind rides the wind

The mind rides the wind.

This scentence comes to mind now, watching how the mind seems to work around anything that piques my interest. Since there’s usualy a lot going on and we live in an information society, I feel the need in myself to come back to my early morning practices after having watched some youtubes yesterday. Because that is endless. At some point we have to stop. The mind becomes overactive.

Having this written down, I now put the I-pad aside, to continue my yogamat rituals. Perhaps see you later, if there’s more to come that ‘makes sense’ if you like.


Seated again on the yoga mat I looked at a special beautiful color blue in the morning sky. It has a softness and an openness. This is where my attention is drawn to so this is where my mind goes. Ended up after the yoga and spiritual practice session doing a facebook posting on color therapy, that I had watched yesterday on youtube. Because that is what came up again during the meditation. Combining it with my own experiences and inspirations. This is where my heart goes so this is where my mind goes.

The mind rides the wind.

Energie healing

Ok, I’m writing about energy. Not everyone will understand or resonate with it but those who are meant to read it will find it.

Free to write about it here, in this blog.
It was inconvenient, to have a backache and migraine while being on a four days outing in Gent, end of april. Later on heard it was on in a moment in time when the galactic waves were intense. Bringing to the surface that what is meant to surface in order to be cleared.

Silently prayed to the bealing angels for healing while passing St Baaf Cathedral in a cold windy hailstorm.

Got it instantly. Felt how it popped into my head, benedicting the vulnarable spot in my head, like a white liquid light, gelling into the left part of the head, where the migraine always is, filling it. The perfect substance that the physical body can integrate. 

Thank you healing angels. Think they’re very skilled, know exactly how much to infuse like an energy medine, the right substance, the right amount for the moment. It’s the healing of the future. Athough it has always been there. It will be integrated with modern science more and more. Many people working for that. Facilitating that.

There’s always help, but we have to ask because humans have a free will. But when we ask there is help, always.

Thank you, healing angels.


I’m just telling the story here most mainstream doctors, homeopath’s and psychotherapists won’t be able to tell you yet. The story that most relatives and friends won’t be able to understand yet. That’s not arrogance, just a matter of fact, gained by experience. Even most of the people in the Sufi community won’t be able to be with it. It’s the story that is actuality worked out well in the youtube films about empath’s and sensitives if you go searching for them. You won’t have to do much searching once you’ve watched a few; they pop up extensively. But the youtube scene on the other hand is also a Wild West, as Gigi Young puts it. So discernment is required. The very specific wording that resonates with me well at the moment is done by Lindy Cowling, who talks about templating. 
I also take a quote by Pir Villayat as the leading principle here:

‘The aura and the magnetic field is the template in which the cells of the body are configured’

He has worked with practices with light for the aura, to be found in the manuals that were handed out to me when I was part of a group of classgivers and also bought later in Paris, during a seminar for leaders. Leaders being a unhandy word. Representatives is a better word. Ambassadors of the light. But Pir Villayat also gave me a blessing to go and follow my own way. I now understand why, because of what was just said here above. He was a pioneer himself, ahead of his time. ‘Idea’s get sclerosed on earth’, he often said. This is what you find in religions a lot. Ways of thinking and doing that do not apply to our present time needs any longer.
That’s why people in these youtubefilms talk about updates and downloads. They are for refreshment, renewal, evolution and growth.

Now downloads is a good word to use for what I’m trying to talk about here. Because this computer term is a good analogue for what happens in the energy world. In the posting ‘How can Santa Claus visit so many houses at the same time’, I try to explain how ‘templating’ works. Here I also tell from my own life story. How being an empath became a more and more conscious thing and how I’m being called to work with it.

In Lindy Cowlings youtube ‘Taking templating into 5d’ she talks about this trace of empath’s and sensitives, who TAKE ON TEMPLATES FROM THE ENVIRONMENT FOR PURGING. From my own experience I know I’m doing that a lot. The struggle I had here was like: what the hell is this for, why does it happen. My homeopathic doctor could not answer the question. The phenomenon was new to her, although there was a dawning understanding of energy fields, like we all have.

So why are we doing this purging? It’s a contribution to the clearing of the energy field in the osmoses of the human traffic, where in the collective pain body, issues abide. So by processing the energy of these issues, we give relieve to those who cannot do that (yet). We relieve their suffering. We are healers.
Isn’t that beautiful?

It’s a trace Jesus had in fact. ‘He was just a giant empath, who cured the lepers present in the room by his mere presence’, said Teal Swan.

One warning is to be found in the information for empath’s too: we shouldn’t always take on other peoples issues, because we deprive them of their learning process that way. Maybe that is what Lindy Cowling tells us about once fully arriving in 5d, this trace of taking on other peoples energies stops. It does not occur any longer. We now live in this 5d template and are in full consciousness and aligned to the higher self all the time. 
And then there’s the story of learning to shield yourself as long as this 5d arival is not yet fully the case. Also for example when you have to do shoppings in a supermarket. To protect yourself from overwhelment. Objection here is that it promotes an ofcut from the environment. So it’s more some sort of first aid kit in case of overwhelm.

By transmuting the energies in your own aura, for example with help of the violet flame, given to us to work with by Saint Germain, we contribute to helping the energetic environment becoming a pure, beautiful and uplifting place.

Photo is a blend of a pic I took on the Hebridean Island Lismore and a violetflame picture from the internet.

Looking with the eyes of the sun

The glance is very important for the sufies. It is our compass when we move throught the various planes with our consciousness. It helps to stay focussed when enwrapped by thoughts and emotions. Casting our glance on this brings clearance.


Stage one

Relax. Sit with a strait spine. Feet on the floor. When crosslegged, buttocks on the floor. When you push the sitting bones into the floor, this straitens from the bottom of the spine to the crown. Let your shoulders drop, relax the jaws, the scull. Then you’re alright.

Visualize a being light in front of you or a sun.

Breath in that light.

Then become that light.

Breathing in into this deep light source within, breathing out, radiating light, from the heart, through the skin to all directions.

Stage two

Now we’re going to refine the light of the heart.
Breathing in we press our tongue agains the palate and turn our eyeballs upward, to receive a very refined frequency, pure spirit, through our crown chacra, through the pineal gland, through our eyes and into the heart, projecting that transparent, egoless light into a point a few meters in front of us, from the eyes. Two beams of light, from the eyes, like headlamps.
When developed, our glance becomes a ray that casts light upon situations. With love. Things get clarified, transmuted, resolved. Our glance is our anchor, our witness in new territory. And breathing in our heart.

Amazing songbird

The thought occurred to me that birds may be in tune too. With what? With the celestial spheres. The angelic planes. They may channel a song from there. Why not?

“That was beautiful wasn’t it, that bird just singing for us”, I said to the neighbour woman and her daughter, while hanging out a blanket on the washing line.

“Yes, we’ve been listening in awe, that was so special”, she said.

“They produce such a variety of sounds, with such refined articulation. They communicate with each other, with a bird ten trees further away. Wonder what they are talking about”.

The song bird has been in our tree for weeks and weeks now. So is the bird ten trees further away. Heard it sing biking through the street on my way for teaching a yoga class. The high pitch bird sound mingled with the sound of the moany crying of a child playing in the streets. The bird song raised the vibration of the moany sound, attuned it to it’s pitch. Like there was a powerful willpower behind it. Communicating like: “Listen to me! It’s ok!”.

 Guardian angels orchestrating.

Picture comes from:

The lower back

What the hell does this have to do with lower back pain.
Everyone by now knows I’m amongst the tribe of empath’s, ‘sympath’ a more sympathetic word, I would like to introduce. If you think you are one of them, there’s ton’s of information to be found in youtubes, nonsense and great sense. Learning discernment is our sharpening awareness.
So what the heck does this have to do with the lower back.
Well…I want to share an experience with you from the time this sensitivity was already there but the word empath wasn’t in the ether yet. Pre-internet stage.

Had a conversation yesterday about it with my daughter in law. We agreed that stiff lower backs are our cultural phenomenon. EveryBODY seems to have one. So what’s the information hiding there in these structural stiffened muscles. Does it have to do with the control grid?
Did we have to learn to navigate our animal impulses in our education?

A woman visiting my yoga class had an interesting although also a bit sad story she shared with me yesterday before we began with our practices. She had been falling down and had a pain in the lower back for some weeks. She felt it was related to her sister who was going to die. She came happily telling me yesterday that her sore back was over at last! She thanked me for the practices that had been very supportive. Someone had said to her that her lower back was linked with emotions about her sister. I also felt it like now that her sister had died, also a support had fallen away. We are linked with our family in the lower chacra area’s. So now she had to adjust and even more stand (!) on her own.
In previous class, we had been focussing our attention on the lower back area. What does it feel like. Does it feel stiff, dense, or rather porous, can you perceive a color there, how do the tissues feel. Maybe you can feel a slight widening of the area on the in breath.
Focussing our attention on it also has a healing effect.

So, that having said in between, now the story I want to share.

I’m staying in my caravan that stands on the place of my parents in law, on the camping near the dunes. I’m resting.  I hear a sound below the caravan.  The sound of a little animal walking over a few empty glass bottles, laying there in the grass. Then I hear the sound of this animal making a very sudden leap. Somehow this goes together with a movement of the muscles of my lower back I had never experienced before and never ever experienced after again. For a moment, that whole piece of skin, muscles, tissues, everything that’s there is like a hollow piece of skin, away from the bones underneath them. Like a rather big space in between bones and tissues and muscles. This goes together with a feeling of great relieve. All of a sudden, I feel whole, out of one piece. Awake.

Picture comes from: