The glance is very important for the sufies. It is our compass when we move throught the various planes with our consciousness. It helps to stay focussed when enwrapped by thoughts and emotions. Casting our glance on this brings clearance.


Stage one

Relax. Sit with a strait spine. Feet on the floor. When crosslegged, buttocks on the floor. When you push the sitting bones into the floor, this straitens from the bottom of the spine to the crown. Let your shoulders drop, relax the jaws, the scull. Then you’re alright.

Visualize a being light in front of you or a sun.

Breath in that light.

Then become that light.

Breathing in into this deep light source within, breathing out, radiating light, from the heart, through the skin to all directions.

Stage two

Now we’re going to refine the light of the heart.
Breathing in we press our tongue agains the palate and turn our eyeballs upward, to receive a very refined frequency, pure spirit, through our crown chacra, through the pineal gland, through our eyes and into the heart, projecting that transparent, egoless light into a point a few meters in front of us, from the eyes. Two beams of light, from the eyes, like headlamps.
When developed, our glance becomes a ray that casts light upon situations. With love. Things get clarified, transmuted, resolved. Our glance is our anchor, our witness in new territory. And breathing in our heart.

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