The mind rides the wind

The mind rides the wind.

This scentence comes to mind now, watching how the mind seems to work around anything that piques my interest. Since there’s usualy a lot going on and we live in an information society, I feel the need in myself to come back to my early morning practices after having watched some youtubes yesterday. Because that is endless. At some point we have to stop. The mind becomes overactive.

Having this written down, I now put the I-pad aside, to continue my yogamat rituals. Perhaps see you later, if there’s more to come that ‘makes sense’ if you like.


Seated again on the yoga mat I looked at a special beautiful color blue in the morning sky. It has a softness and an openness. This is where my attention is drawn to so this is where my mind goes. Ended up after the yoga and spiritual practice session doing a facebook posting on color therapy, that I had watched yesterday on youtube. Because that is what came up again during the meditation. Combining it with my own experiences and inspirations. This is where my heart goes so this is where my mind goes.

The mind rides the wind.

The shatter of grudge

The new word is downloads. It had been happening to me.

I felt it.

Lovely caressing energies.

Angel love.

To cure the distress.

About what?

About not feeling understood.

About not seeming to be able to convey the message.
The thing is I really feel these waves of love flowing through me.

Must be angel love or otherwise.

It wants to comfort the things I can’t cope with, like getting over something that’s too deep to feel and understand but sometimes all of a sudden it has me in it’s grip.

I can’t explain it but it’s there. Sinking away into the half sleep, there’s clear explanations. It’s perfectly fitting in an orderly sequence of sentences of a clear presentation of what’s it’s about. All I have to do is write it down when I’m awake.

But now awake, it’s too far away.

The only thing that stayed with me is the title of what it’s about, and that was very clear and that is: THE SHATTER OF GRUDGE.

That’s the underlying emotion of a story playing out. That’s what needs to happen.

The shatter of grudge.

Very important.

How to shatter a grudge I don’t seem to be able to feel, but has it’s impact upon the situation. It’s in a reality under the surface of what is visible. The daily facts of life. What we see.

There’s a pain.

I can feel that.

It’s pushing against the ribcage from within.

Knocking against the door.

Like hey, I want to be seen, felt.

I shall have to focus my attention on it. Shine a searchlight on it. Breath into it.

Yes, that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ll get back to you later about this.
Not in order to revenge all the times when nobody was around when it was needed, because work is always more important. I would like to shatter that grudge.

Everything is in it’s grip.

Stealing the love and attention that could have been the cure.

The angels know that.

They are with me. When I’m feeling alone and in distress about not being able to convey a message that’s not clear, but wants to be seen, felt. They send waves of love and tell me to shatter the grudge. And at least give the message about this. About the waves of love, caressing the nerves.

Because I had asked for it. 

In a prayer. 

There’s always an answer. Must be the ask and it shall be given sort of a thing.

For those that want to know it.

So that’s what I’m trying to do.

Will the message be heard?
I’ll get back to you later.

When I’m sorted out.

First find peace, then it will be sorted out.

In peace, things fall into place.

No more grudge.


At last.

This writing is taking me there. Peace.

Thank you angels.


Picture comes from:

Color breath

You may notice, during the observing of the flow of breath through certain areas of the body that way releasing tension, with eyes closed, that it has a certain color.
I often see spring green, which has a life giving, healing and harmonizing quality.

It nourishes the tissues, the cells. Think of the workings of breath as it enters the lungs, comes in the bloodstream, exchanging particles of prana, light, with the blood cells, that supply the cells of the entire body with life on each in breath. The cells like this, they giggle and sparkle, as our teacher described it, enjoying  the dance of the electrons and photons dancing the dance of Shiva, in the ecstasy of being nourished with light.

Don’t exaggerate this, just watch the natural flow of breath as it comes and goes, quietly in a relaxation and more energetic and active during a stretching pose.


Scroll down for the translation in English

Levend in een maatschappij waar te veel activiteit voortdurend gaande is, is het nodig dit uit te balanceren met veel yin yoga. Daarnaast is yin yoga een prachtige manier om op te warmen en voor te bereiden voor meditatie en healing. De asana’s, waarin we gemakkelijk een poosje in kunnen verblijven, nodigen ons op een natuurlijke manier uit om de adem met de aandacht te volgen. Vervolgens kunnen we licht concentraties toevoegen aan deze oefening. Dit versterkt ons en is de grond waarin de cellen van ons lichaam worden opgelijnd en gevoed, zoals in een hologram. Zo worden wij een beter voertuig voor onze dagelijkse bezigheden aan de ene kant en een instrument voor genezing, groei en ontwaken in ons goddelijke wezen aan de andere kant.

“Shake your soul, awaken it from slumber. The time has come to awaken to the divinity of your being.” Pir Villayat

Living in a society where too much activity is going on all the time, we need to balance this with lots of yin yoga. Besides, yin yoga is a wonderfull means as a warming up, alignment and preparation for meditation and healing. The asana’s in wich we can abide for a while with ease, invite us naturaly to follow the breath with our attention. Thus we can add light concentratations to the practise. This invigorates us and realigns and nourishes the very cells of our body, like in a hologram, that way becoming a better vehicle for our daily activities on the one hand and an instrument for healing, growth and awakening to our divine being on the other hand.

Margrete has been a Yoga teacher for over 30 years. Next to that she has been involved with healing for over 15 years. She feels the benefit of the wonderful blend of yoga and sufi practise and hopes to contribute In this blog to a peaceful healthy world with happy people sharing from her experience and inspiration.