Light, bliss and ecstasy

‘Ecstasy and bliss are allowed to be experieced fully’.

This is what was being said in a trainers manual on Sufi dancing.

Why can’t we feel, bliss, ectasy? Beause once we do, we experience the reaction of the environmen to it. It’s ‘not done’. It’s “not done’ to be in a natural state of bliss, ecstasy. Why is that so?

And so we need alcohol. Or drugs. That’s why Samuel Lewis came up with Sufi dancing for the hippies in the US, during those hippy days. To get them off the drugs and create an opportunity to experience ecstacy and bliss. By dancing while chanting mantra’s. Be elevated. Feel light, bliss, ecstasy.

Sufi dancing being one of the many means to feel bliss. Being in nature is another, very simple way.

‘The most precious jewel that you can ever offer anybody is ecstasy’, said Hazrat Inayat Khan. It is a powerfull emotion being stirred in the depth, releasing all the energy of the soul. It’s also the cure when one finds oneself in a state of ‘Kemal’. That is a feeling of almost depression, stagnancy,

Ofcourse one cannot be in a state of ecstasy all day. At some point one has to go back to the daily routine, function in one’s job.

Behind ecstasy there’s a state of peace, deep peace.

Wishing you much love, light, ecstasy and bliss


Drawing I made in the app ‘Paper’