Violet cathedral hologram

In the half-sleep I became aware of a sort of violet cathedral-shaped hologram that was placed over my head. The information that came with it was that this is a hologram that transmutes deformed energy into health. So a healing template. Temple … template .. words that actually lie close together. I begin to understand something from what kind of blueprint cathedrals are actually designed.

Where does this information come from? I think from inner guidance. I had looked at this Youtube:

Maybe it had something to do with it. Information given from a high level of attunement, which is not only destined for a selected group of people. Every person has full right to and access to mystical experiences. It is just what you want to focus on. Also mentioned in this video.


There is the light that is nonphysical and there is the light that infuses into the body in healing, relieving the part in it that became the pain body in a certain layer. Like a distorted hologram or energy field, causing a distortion in the cells and tissues. Infusing into this distortion the light of our attention, awareness, is healing. Not from a personal perspective, but lined up to the whole. At the same time, while being in this atunement/alignment, we are also going to the inside of the physical sensation of the pain, ‘leaning into it’, in the body, where we feel it is located. That promotes great relieve. The body becomes lighter, more transparent. Old pain is removed from the tissues and cells. As Eckart Tollle says, we can only do this ourselves. I’d add here, there is also help from the higher spheres. Last night a nonphysical very fine, transparant blissfull light came to me. What was that? It was the sort of light I recognize from sufi atunements when we work with pure spirit. There was clear information to it that this was nonphysical light.  Also there was a spiraling of a sort of lightstar, like in the drawing game ‘spirograph’, that was moving towards a lightsource, it seemed to happen on a finer level, but I could  look into it in that moment. Love it when things like this happen. Keeping the light(being?) that came to me in my awareness, it stayed with me. Until my thoughts wandered away. Renewing the focus to it, it was there again. Being held in this light, the pain and conditionings in the body, also inherited, became very clear. Then the light merged with the physical body more. Then it became more invisible.  I now was simply in my body.

Should I say that here? We are to promote healing, awareness, which is realy love. Surrender is the greatest medicine. So that pils and operations will be less needed. Not saying that shouldn’t happen. We can be greatfull for them when they are needed. But we also know of the side effects.

Well ofcourse I doubt telling from these remarkable experiences. At the same time can’t wait to tell them. These experiences, I cannot evoke by will power. Perhaps I could when I was a very masterfull yogini. But obviously life’s experiences are my scholing way. So these light experiences are gifts from the universe. Might make a difference I’m the sort of person open to this. And I meditate regulary and do yoga and sufi practices. And am involved in distant healing for a long, long time. That happens on the finer levels too.

Whereas before we were adviced to keep our lips sealed, these days we begin to carefully relate from our mystical experiences, because we are ready. It also helps the merging of the mystical with medical science. For the advantages as said above. Our mystical experiences are part of life. They make us bloom more fully. Feel more whole. No more gab between spirit and matter. Everything is energy.

Sufis cast their (by the celestial purified and depersonalized, de-egonized) glance inwardly into certain areas of the body, like shining a searchlight on it. What comes to the light becomes light. Issues get sorted out, pain dissolves. In modern psychology it is the approach to feel into, as they say: ‘leaning into’ the physical sensations, because that’s how emotional pain manifests, in the body.  The older generation, like my mum’s, didn’t get these meditation/psychology tools handed out. In that case, healing is needed, like in the report in the posting ‘loosening a painbody’.

Picture is a blend, endeavoring to make a visual communication of the the experience of the spiraling star, moving to a lightsource. Worked on the colors, they come quite close now.  Only the lightsource the star moved to was more in front of me in a space, not filling a whole sky like on the picture.

Let it melt

Should we  mention here again that we are talking about finer frequencies, in the old days named as Holy Spirit, often confusing and therefore rather not mentioned, having to live in  denser realms where we can’t see because of the fog.

Holy Spirit acts as a catalyst. It knows where to go, where to flow into. Attuning to it, writing about it, giving practices, this continues to work for me too. It throws light on the parts in me that aren’t aligned yet. The distortions that grew in the conditioning and inherited from the family I was born in. The distortions my mind made up. All that has to go. Then I have to sit or lay down and allow it to let it do it’s work. It’s like humbling the head in front of something bigger, to the light. That’s not humiliating. It’s not humbling the head in front of someone else but in front of the bigger me. It’s like these distortions are melting and there is resistance, like aauuch!! It hurts. But in such a way that it can be dealt with. I have to allow it to happen. Sometimes that goes very quickly, sometimes slower, there’s a proces at work. It goes together with getting to understand something, a situation in life, a trigger that catalyzes.
Let it melt.

The problem is, we may have come far in the melting cauldron of changes and I’m sure most of my friends have. But we are meeting with influences that haven’t yet. So we have to become strong, yet not place a facade on us again, a frontier out of protection. Then we are back to the old days. Because if we can’t feel open, we are locked up again. So in order to meet these grosser influnences we have to become creative, play some tricks on it so that for these grosser behaviours, the penny will drop soon too. Because it has to. Isn’t that the urgent current message, seen everwhere?

Artists, musicians, storytellers, scientists, peaceworkers, teachers, politicians, nurses, carers, animal safers, therapists, coaches, people, they are all doing the job.

Photo is a blend of free pictures from the internet