Healing modalities as a tool

We’re talking here about stuff like working with crystals, reiki, tarot, angels and angelcards, yoga practice, sacred geometry – the list goes on. Because there’s a buzz going on on the internet about an A to Z list of New Age practices to avoid, which that well known angel specialist Doreen Virtue published lately and which produced a storm of reactions on Youtube by people working with the healing modalities. This triggered a discussion, which is a good thing in itself, and I’m trying to bring a contribution to that discussion.

Healing modalities are tools to get in touch with the deeper side of life. To get healed, to find peace, balance, clarity, mastery over situations, develop compassion, insight, promote creativity and zest for life, for example. We ourselves need to develop the discernment that something works for us, that is, do we benefit from it or not. This differs for everyone and at various stages of our life. What works for us today may be different in a later period. Thus we navigate through life, grow, evolve.

Healing modalities are there, not to identify with as the thing itself, as the ultimate goal, but as a means to get there. Where? To our own soul and the way we evolve to higher and higher levels, with more and more of our talents and gifts on line, in order to be that, to express that, to work with and to bring it into the field of Gaia (=earth). To promote balance, peace, wellbeing, love, health, justice and any other beautiful quality on earth. For humanity as a species that is. Or just for ourselves to begin with and that is great too. That is already a big contribution. Our society needs balanced people, healthy people, joyous people, compassionate people, creative people, intelligent 🤓 people.

So when I say healing modalities, not as the ultimate goal but as a means, then maybe that A to Z list by Doreen Virtue is meant as that. I hope so, because using terminology like ‘they are the tools of the devil’ throws us back into an old, old groove. The type of thinking that led to the witch hunts in the Middle Ages. I guess we are talking about an attempt here to evolve higher and leave behind old belief systems, that keep us stuck in an old groove. Modern vocabulary would be ‘the collapsing of old timelines’, meaning the old grooves disappear, which is great, space for the new to emerge. To me that says it very well. The collapsing of old timelines.

Perhaps one could say the Doreen Virtue issue works like a homeopathic remedy, because now a lot of light workers who use the healing modalities raise their voice to correct some of the misjudgments, if you like. And that is an old issue which went on for ages……the clashing of Paganism and Christianity.

Paganism and Christianity don’t have to bite each other. They can go very well together, hand in hand. I’ve seen a nice blend of it in a Youtube video – https://youtu.be/FVwAG3QpcAE – a woman working with crystals in a relaxation, attuning the chakra’s with them, using white sage to clear the energy and saying a little Christian prayer 🙏. No problem there.

Much love everyone

The mind rides the wind

The mind rides the wind.

This scentence comes to mind now, watching how the mind seems to work around anything that piques my interest. Since there’s usualy a lot going on and we live in an information society, I feel the need in myself to come back to my early morning practices after having watched some youtubes yesterday. Because that is endless. At some point we have to stop. The mind becomes overactive.

Having this written down, I now put the I-pad aside, to continue my yogamat rituals. Perhaps see you later, if there’s more to come that ‘makes sense’ if you like.


Seated again on the yoga mat I looked at a special beautiful color blue in the morning sky. It has a softness and an openness. This is where my attention is drawn to so this is where my mind goes. Ended up after the yoga and spiritual practice session doing a facebook posting on color therapy, that I had watched yesterday on youtube. Because that is what came up again during the meditation. Combining it with my own experiences and inspirations. This is where my heart goes so this is where my mind goes.

The mind rides the wind.

Why many women are empathetic

Women are life giving. They bear children. A soul incarnates through us as women. The energy field of the soul merges with our energy field. That’s why when we are pregnant, we feel great, invigorated. Well, I did. After the first adjustments that made us feel sick. Can be compared a bit with our ascension proces, where our energies need to be adjusted with the new frequencies. Once the child is born we may enter a postnatal depression. Where is that great feeling. The energy that had been in our aura, that feeling of oneness, greatness is gone. It is now individualized in the baby. Still very close ofcourse. Being a woman is great.
Because we have this ability of bearing children and adapting our energy system to someone else’s, we are likely to be  emphathetic, we easily feel into the energy field of someone else. We need to be intuitive, because we have to know what our child needs. Having this ‘openness’ in our energy system to merge with other systems, makes us empathetic but also more suspectable for victimhood. We may get dominated by someone else’s willpower.

Mary is the patron of mothers. An archetype for women with babies……look at the purity of that!! Atuning to pure spirit, having that in our core, makes us incredibly strong.  We need it. Not always understood by the world. Like, look at her, who does she think she is? Ofcourse we have an ego too. We can use our beauty and femininity for personal gain. Look at the magazines with beautiful women. That is a choice. Do we want that? I enjoy looking at beauty. I look at these photo’s like, look, a goddess, a virgin. A pure soul. An icon.

And again here too: the word ‘virgin’ more relating to ‘immaculate’, pure soul. Not interpreted physicaly, literaly, like the churches did. That caused a lot of trouble for women. And men.

Picture comes from:



Seems only fair to say something about words in wordpress. An enormous effort has been made by many people to come to the essence of al the great traditions of the world to see the oneness. From the oneness, reaching out, in the variety of cultures on our planet, one has to communicate in words. From pure essence into manifestation, many forms are created that can be described in words.

Each culture has it’s own language. Realizing oneness, one has to to overcome the limitation of form, each form having a word to describe it. For that, the mind is a tool.

Only a tool. Reality itself is much greater, much bigger. Here I am, using words to reach out, to communicate with you. Hoping that you will get what I’m saying from your point of view.

Let’s keep in mind that the mind is only a tool.

How can I say this, not getting lost in words, in a labyrinth of the mind. By quieting the thoughts, the mind. Then the words stop.

That’s the whole point.


That’s where we meet in oneness.

Picture is a word you can discover, I wrote on the packaging paper of a gingerbread everone knows. In Holland we say lariekoek, that means hogwash. Litteraly translated, lariekoek would say nonsensebread. Don’t get me wrong, the bread is delicious. There you go. Vocabu-larie.

A divine ocean

Integrating the element breath practices from sufism within a sequence of yoga poses. The element breath practices take you deep. It’s easier from that place to rest in communion with the divine.

After a sequence of poses, in combination with the element breaths, rest, laying flat on the floor. If more comfy, feet on the floor so knees bent, arms alongside the body. Feel the flow of breath. Full yoga breaths a few times gives more capacity.

In the in breath, think ‘so’

On the out breath ‘ham’

Means ‘thou art me’
If you are not having a hang up about christianity, you can also think ‘thou’ on the in breath’ and ‘me’ on the out breath.
Rest in communion with the divine.

(Not some kind of a man with a beard of course that sent us away from paradise always having to feel guilty, but rather some kind of divine ocean of love, I’d say, a divine quantum field of love)

Feel one with this divine ocean.

You are in paradise, now, here.
“The fish in the ocean that is thirsty needs serious professional counseling”        Kabir