Healing modalities as a tool

We’re talking here about stuff like working with crystals, reiki, tarot, angels and angelcards, yoga practice, sacred geometry – the list goes on. Because there’s a buzz going on on the internet about an A to Z list of New Age practices to avoid, which that well known angel specialist Doreen Virtue published lately and which produced a storm of reactions on Youtube by people working with the healing modalities. This triggered a discussion, which is a good thing in itself, and I’m trying to bring a contribution to that discussion.

Healing modalities are tools to get in touch with the deeper side of life. To get healed, to find peace, balance, clarity, mastery over situations, develop compassion, insight, promote creativity and zest for life, for example. We ourselves need to develop the discernment that something works for us, that is, do we benefit from it or not. This differs for everyone and at various stages of our life. What works for us today may be different in a later period. Thus we navigate through life, grow, evolve.

Healing modalities are there, not to identify with as the thing itself, as the ultimate goal, but as a means to get there. Where? To our own soul and the way we evolve to higher and higher levels, with more and more of our talents and gifts on line, in order to be that, to express that, to work with and to bring it into the field of Gaia (=earth). To promote balance, peace, wellbeing, love, health, justice and any other beautiful quality on earth. For humanity as a species that is. Or just for ourselves to begin with and that is great too. That is already a big contribution. Our society needs balanced people, healthy people, joyous people, compassionate people, creative people, intelligent 🤓 people.

So when I say healing modalities, not as the ultimate goal but as a means, then maybe that A to Z list by Doreen Virtue is meant as that. I hope so, because using terminology like ‘they are the tools of the devil’ throws us back into an old, old groove. The type of thinking that led to the witch hunts in the Middle Ages. I guess we are talking about an attempt here to evolve higher and leave behind old belief systems, that keep us stuck in an old groove. Modern vocabulary would be ‘the collapsing of old timelines’, meaning the old grooves disappear, which is great, space for the new to emerge. To me that says it very well. The collapsing of old timelines.

Perhaps one could say the Doreen Virtue issue works like a homeopathic remedy, because now a lot of light workers who use the healing modalities raise their voice to correct some of the misjudgments, if you like. And that is an old issue which went on for ages……the clashing of Paganism and Christianity.

Paganism and Christianity don’t have to bite each other. They can go very well together, hand in hand. I’ve seen a nice blend of it in a Youtube video – https://youtu.be/FVwAG3QpcAE – a woman working with crystals in a relaxation, attuning the chakra’s with them, using white sage to clear the energy and saying a little Christian prayer 🙏. No problem there.

Much love everyone

The shatter of grudge

The new word is downloads. It had been happening to me.

I felt it.

Lovely caressing energies.

Angel love.

To cure the distress.

About what?

About not feeling understood.

About not seeming to be able to convey the message.
The thing is I really feel these waves of love flowing through me.

Must be angel love or otherwise.

It wants to comfort the things I can’t cope with, like getting over something that’s too deep to feel and understand but sometimes all of a sudden it has me in it’s grip.

I can’t explain it but it’s there. Sinking away into the half sleep, there’s clear explanations. It’s perfectly fitting in an orderly sequence of sentences of a clear presentation of what’s it’s about. All I have to do is write it down when I’m awake.

But now awake, it’s too far away.

The only thing that stayed with me is the title of what it’s about, and that was very clear and that is: THE SHATTER OF GRUDGE.

That’s the underlying emotion of a story playing out. That’s what needs to happen.

The shatter of grudge.

Very important.

How to shatter a grudge I don’t seem to be able to feel, but has it’s impact upon the situation. It’s in a reality under the surface of what is visible. The daily facts of life. What we see.

There’s a pain.

I can feel that.

It’s pushing against the ribcage from within.

Knocking against the door.

Like hey, I want to be seen, felt.

I shall have to focus my attention on it. Shine a searchlight on it. Breath into it.

Yes, that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ll get back to you later about this.
Not in order to revenge all the times when nobody was around when it was needed, because work is always more important. I would like to shatter that grudge.

Everything is in it’s grip.

Stealing the love and attention that could have been the cure.

The angels know that.

They are with me. When I’m feeling alone and in distress about not being able to convey a message that’s not clear, but wants to be seen, felt. They send waves of love and tell me to shatter the grudge. And at least give the message about this. About the waves of love, caressing the nerves.

Because I had asked for it. 

In a prayer. 

There’s always an answer. Must be the ask and it shall be given sort of a thing.

For those that want to know it.

So that’s what I’m trying to do.

Will the message be heard?
I’ll get back to you later.

When I’m sorted out.

First find peace, then it will be sorted out.

In peace, things fall into place.

No more grudge.


At last.

This writing is taking me there. Peace.

Thank you angels.


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Thinking patterns, habits, history

Patterns we create imprint itself as neurological pathways in the brain that direct our thinking, behaving and feeling, in a certain focus, a certain direction, a certain pattern. When they are repeated over and over, these imprints become stronger and stronger and then they become habits. We’ve all seen these pictures of brains and then a wiring over them as a kind of electricity that runs in certain patterns.
Waking up this morning, thinking about love, sexuality, relationships, economy, having children, financial security and a sense of emotional safety. All of this is related. These thoughts were triggered because of a film I watched last night.

Lately saw the film ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and because Netflix thought ‘Sense and Sensibility’ would have my interest too, both from the book by Jane Austen, I watched that yesterday. When I follow the neurological pattern in the brain of Jane Austen that urged her to write the books, a certain theme becomes visible.
There is the purity of falling in love. But the characters of men the women fall in love with have hidden features that play out in the story. Then there is pain and disappointment that causes growing wisdom and insight. Then there is the right man for them. Another man than they thought at first, a man they had even despised and rejected but that was because of the missing information at the start and their feelings for them change later on. So love and feelings follow common sense in the story. Money and partner was very much related. Family encouraged that the women choose a man with money and good manners and behavior, respecting the chastity of the women.

The ‘wrong guy’ they fell in love with at first had followed desires in their life that didn’t fit the classical courting – respect – a marriage proposal – procedure. They had made a young girl pregnant somewhere. And so suffered from money issues. All this is hidden, kept secret for the women but reveals itself in the course of the story. They appear as charming men at first.

The ‘good guys’ appear as more stubborn unfriendly characters at first and a lot of gossip is going on around them that the women take for real.
The story plays out in the country, that symbols purity of living and the women live in more humble houses and cottages than the men but fortunately the men of good character and courage, something that reveals itself later on in the story have good money and a good position and a house too. The men have to leave the country side after an alarming letter a servant presents them on a silver tray, that causes them to jump on their horse immediately to sort out their issues in London. They stay away for long times that causes the women to suffer in uncertainty. But the men return at last and the real story reveals itself.
One rich guy fell out because his mother disinherited him because of his wrong choices of women, but ending up as true lovers in a humble cottage with chickens, this promotes a great happy ending too.

So money and the dependency on men causes great dramas in the feeling life of the women. They are on the verge of death because of it.

Good thing women are economically independent these days.

Watching these films, an opportunity was provided to see how the wiring on these matters is going on in my brain. I noticed how there where points in my brain, junctions in the wiring that began to have a higher voltage, like little stars in a network. It happened when I thought of London versus the countryside, Devon, where I lived. We too had an economic relationship with London. Traveled backwards and forwards between Devon and London.

London was ‘Londinium’ in Roman times. Deeply engraved patterns, both logistically, psychologically and neurologically. Thinking now about the impact of the church on the feeling life of people in Roman times.

While these little stars in my brain wiring intensified, impinging my head, I concluded to take refuge again with the yogis; freedom of thought and feelings, away from economic, relational and emotional dependencies.

A totally different approach. Rewiring.

It caused me to write all this down.

Because it’s about being in the world, but not of it.